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Federal Great Lakes restoration program should focus on protection and flexibility, says Ojibwe leader
- by Gary Wilson

While the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative has done great work and provided funding for many projects, its effectiveness might be undercut by an outsized reliance on metrics and lack of flexibility.

Biden plan to spend $725M to clean up abandoned coal mines
- by The Associated Press

Pennsylvania is eligible for $245 million. Other significant amounts include $75 million for Illinois and $46 million for Ohio.

Judge awards millions to lawyers in Flint water settlement
- by The Associated Press

A judge awarded about $40 million Friday to the lead attorneys in a $626 million settlement for Flint residents and property owners whose water was contaminated with lead, but millions in additional legal fees will also be carved out as claimants get paid.

Great Lakes Moment: Overwintering ducks on the Detroit River create a sense of wonder
- by John Hartig

In this month’s column, John Hartig thinks fondly upon the flocks of canvasbacks duck that spend their winters in the Great Lakes region and provide quite the sight to see on the Detroit River.

Scientists race to gather winter data on warming Great Lakes
- by The Associated Press

What’s happening in the Great Lakes during those long, frigid months when they’re often covered partially or completely with ice? A casual observer — and even experts — might be inclined to say, “Not much.”

$3.7M grant to aid Lafarge port upgrades
- by The Alpena News

The investments in the Alpena port, and others across the nation, will strengthen supply chains and speed up delivery of goods to residents, U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg said in a news release.

Toxic ‘forever chemicals’ found in Michigan farm’s beef
- by The Associated Press

The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services “determined that prolonged consumption of the beef from this farm could increase PFOS levels in the human body,” a news release said.

Indiana Dunes National Park entry fee to begin March 31
- by The Associated Press

The fees vary depending on the method used to enter the national park.

Great Lakes platform helps connect green investors with regional projects
- by Energy News Network

The Great Lakes Impact Investment Platform features 40 projects representing nearly $4.5 billion in investment opportunities, including household energy efficiency retrofits, coal mine reclamation and solar development.

Interior Department approves $1B to clean up abandoned wells
- by The Associated Press

There are over 3 million abandoned oil and gas wells in the U.S., according to the Environmental Protection Agency. And Interior officials say that wells have been exposing millions of people to air and water pollution for decades.

Minnesota cities hope climate emergency resolutions add urgency to responses
- by Energy News Network

More than a dozen local governments in the state either have or are expected to pass climate emergency resolutions this month as part of an initiative by the Minnesota Cities Climate Caucus.

Drinking Water News Roundup: New Illinois water quality bill, Minnesota mine lease canceled, Ontario’s wetland filtration
- by Maya Sundaresan

Catch the latest drinking water updates with Great Lakes Now’s biweekly headline roundup.